The most important thing when selecting your wedding photographer is that you absolutely love their work and you love what their work stands for. My passion is capturing moments that evoke emotion in others that see it. My work is my art, and I bring that to your wedding day 100%! I pay attention to the smallest details because I want your photos to be perfect! I am not a picture taker, but a memory saver. You MUST feel comfortable with me, we will be spending the best day of your life together! If you love Dogs, Sushi and Mimosa's we will get along! If you don't like any of those, Ill forgive you and we can moved passed that. 

Harry Potter Wedding // Joey + Casaundra

“I am not worried, Harry,” said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. “I am with you.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I feel like I need to go watch all of the Harry Potter books after this wedding, because seriously, how can you not fall in love with all of this detail?! From the getting ready process to the end of the evening send off with hand made wands, you can't go wrong.

Dancing in the rain// Oakglen

"Aaron has an energy that is intoxicating and brings laughter to every room. He can always make me smile. He is my magnet." -Jen

"Her kindess and compassion and I married her because I can't live without her. she is my light when I feel I am in my darkest times." -Aaron

Winery Engagement // Megan + Stephen

These two love birds couldn't get enough of each other at the Fazeli Wine Cellars in Temecula CA. They met because of their shared love for teaching, being placed in the same state they fell in love and got engaged three years later... AND HERE WE ARE! Their chemistry was undeniably profound.

The greatest love of all// Aaron + Megan

When planning a wedding during the Winter/spring months, rain is a factor that brides should always take into consideration. Aaron and Megan picked the perfect location for this time of year. In the beautiful area of Calimesa, a unique country club was readily available for the two of them to exchange their vows. Origionally the plan was to have an outdoor wedding and indoor ceremony. However the weather did not allow for this, so the ceremony took place inside.


This bride was given 6 months to live 3 years ago

"Jonathan never flinched or questioned his feelings for me even through the tough times. Very early in our relationship my health plummeted yet again. New tumors grew rapidly and there were so many questions left unanswered. Jonathan stood by my side with his head held high confident we could fight this. That day he put on the face of a fearless warrior ready to battle anything that would come our way. I knew then not only was he fighting with me but he was ready to fight for me." -Alicia

Destination Beach Wedding// Sarah + Evan

Sarah and Evan Met in college in Seattle Washington, Evan has always had a love for California and all of Sarah's family is from Southern California. It was only fitting for them to tie the knot on the beach, since thats what California is all about. where else can you have a beach wedding in the middle of December?

Santa Barbara Engagement // Joshua + Terry

Terry and Joshua made my 3 hour drive to Santa Barbara totally worth it! After a long search for the perfect location for their session, we finally found these two GORGEOUS places! We couldn't have made a better decision!

Marisa + Keith// The Secret Grove

Although Keith and Marisa are not your "every-day-love-story", their story is beautiful and so true to their personalities! These two are polar opposites, Marisa is the calm to his crazy, and there is no doubt these they are totally in love! Mushy love is the best kind of love, and they got lots of it!

The Wedding Beneath The Great Oak

The ceremony was held beneath "The Grand Oak". It has been estimated to be between 900-1300 years old. This would make it the second oldest Coastal Oak in the world. This tree symbolizes the strength and longevity of Ruthanna and Davids beautiful marriage.


When two worlds collide: A creative woman in the field of graphic design, with a love of everything vintage. A Man with a career of truck driving and impeccable attention to detail. Two were united as one under the open skies of Riverside, California. Who would have thought these two different people could create such a beautiful bond. Alyssa has a passion for planes and travel which they incorporated into their wedding day with the theme "California Adventure"!

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