The Girl From Oklahoma

Brooklynn Vaughn: A wife, a mother (of a fur baby: Bones), and now a friend of mine for life! Brook and I had never met before the moment she flew into California, In fact, we had never even talked on the phone. She flew all the way from Oklahoma to come to my very first workshop that I had put together. She entered to win the free seat. Even though she didn't win the giveaway, that didn't stop her from taking a trip to California to stay with a complete strangers for a week. 

We both had the same thoughts going through our head's "what if they aren't who they say they are and something bad happens?" Even though we both shared this fear we were willing to take the risk. BOY, am I glad I did! I have never met someone as kind, funny, and energetic as Brooklynn. I don't think we stopped talking the entire time she was here!

She came at the perfect time; I had photoshoots every day that week! She went to every one of them with me to improve her photography skills! She was pushed to shoot faster and more efficiently than ever. She has improved tremendously and I am proud to see her grow. 

We also took a five-hour road trip up to Bishop to climb mountains and get up at 6:00 AM to get sunrise pictures! 

Photography/Video: Uriel Photography

Makeup: Rachael Bernstein 

Model: Brooklynn Vaughn

Photoshoots Assisted by Brooklynn: 

Aaron & Megan Engagement

50th Anniversary

Ruthanna & Davey Engagement

Gatsby Workshop

Aarianna's Boudoir


Rachael Bernstein

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