Marisa + Keith// Engaged// The Secret Grove

Although Keith and Marisa are not your "every-day-love-story", their story is beautiful and so true to their personalities! These two are polar opposites, Marisa is the calm to his crazy, and there is no doubt these they are totally in love! Mushy love is the best kind of love, and they got lots of it! 

The orange groves where their engagement session took place was Keith's grandparents, all the grandkids take their loved ones here to share this special place that no one else has access to! THE SECRET GROVE. 

Keith proposed to Marisa while ice skating last Winter, their whole family knew and was hiding to she wouldn't be suspicious. He definitely caught her by surprise and are ecstatic about their "beauty and the beast" themed wedding in April of next year.

"Keith had a bad reputation, and I was the good girl (Beauty & the Beast). He is physically attractive to the extreme in my eyes. I had to be faithful for who I was with at the time. He respected that and was unsure if I was interested in him. He just enjoyed talking to me. I was new to him, I was good. I always kept my guard up with him even during the relationship because there's no way this guy wants me (time played an important part). I'm average. My guard was up in can't even recall when I fell in love with him. I just did. I want to say it happened to him like that too. Mainly because he said "gosh,I love you" when he was drunk before we were boyfriend & girlfriend. Another time was saying goodbye for a moment. We just love each other." -Marisa


Rachael Bernstein

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