Dancing in the rain// One year anniversary

As crazy as it seems that two people would love the rain so much, these two can't get enough of it! But, there is a cute story behind their madness.

In July 2016 Jen & Aaron exchanged vows to become husband and wife. They planned this special day in the middle of the summer to avoid any chance of bad weather. Well, it didn't turn out as planned. a week before the date arrived warning signs of storms in every city were popping up. Everyone hoped for the best as they brought tents to keep the guests dry, just in case, since the entire wedding was outdoors in the beautiful city of Yucaipa. 

The morning of... streets were flooded, the storm had definitely come, and come hard. however, ten minutes before Jen walked down the isle to see her "soon-to-be-husband" the clouds parted and a rainbow appeared. The entire wedding was dry until the dancing stopped, then everyone grabbed all the decorations as fast as they could and ran it inside. 

Since that day Jen and Aaron have found a new love for the rain. We were not planning on having rain on their one year anniversary pictures, but just like their wedding day it turned out beautiful. Not only did it pour extremely hard rain, but it hailed! Great hails of fire! 

In case you didn't know I have a weak spot for adventurous and willing couples!

I asked Jen and Aaron separately why they chose to marry each other and what their favorite part about their wedding. their answers were so precious!

"I remember the day we got married. I woke up to rain in the middle of July. I thought, it has to stop- our wedding is outdoors! Well it didn't... It wasn't until we were about to walk down the aisle when the clouds parted and the ez-ups came down. The guests said that a rainbow appeared when we were saying our vows. I never liked the rain until that day. Now it will always remind me of the day I married my best friend and the love of my life.

Aaron has an energy that is intoxicating and brings laughter to every room. He can always make me smile. He is my magnet." -Jen

"For our first look, she touched my shoulder turning around to and seeing her standing in the rain i've never seen anything that beautiful before. 

Her kindess and compassion and I married her because I can't live without her. she is my light when I feel I am in my darkest times." -Aaron

Now THAT is true love!

They spent their anniversary session enjoying what makes them think about their wedding day, and falling more in love every day.


Rachael Bernstein

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