{Surreal Beauty}

DONE. DONE. and DONE! Published in Surreal Beauty's  "Caryatid" issue! Between the filthy beach and trash all over the place I really didn't know if I would be able to get any images! But as a photographer you have to be ready for anything, terrible lighting situations, people not caring that your taking pictures and walking behind your model, and having absolutely no where to shoot makes things very difficult. However, we were able to work with what we had to create these beautiful images.

Crystal is a beautiful body builder, she loves working out and competing for best figure. She works hard every day to acheive the goals she is trying to accomplish. She drove all the way from vegas straight from a competition to be a part of this shoot. ISN'T SHE AWESOME!? 

Model: Crystal Schneinder

Hair: Anna Bianca Clark

Styling: Rachael Bernstein

Makeup: Sarah Inguez


Rachael Bernstein

Uriel Photography, 1112 Grant av E Grant Ave, Colton, CA, 92324, United States

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