Alicia & Jonathan// Ventura: Wedgewood

I met Alicia's Family when I was about 5 years old, we went to the same church together and my family loved to be a part of their lives. I never kept in contact with them but my sister ran into Alicia at a church event a couple years ago. She had told her that I was a wedding photographer now and showed her my work. Alicia came to me asking me to capture her wedding day almost two years ago. 

She was supposed to get married last year, but her health would not allow her. Three years ago Alicia was told that she only had six months to live. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer around her bronchial tube and close to her heart. 

One year after her last attempt to make a wedding happen, she was able to make this day happen, she is an absolute walking miracle! Her husband Jonathan has stood by her side as her health was a rollercoaster, that he lovingly rode with her. 

Alicia is a mother of the most precious 5-year-old boy, I have never met a boy that is as respectful and loving as he is. Jonathan assumed the role of Noah's father, caretaker, and so much more.  

"Jonathan never flinched or questioned his feelings for me even through the tough times.  Very early in our relationship my health plummeted yet again.  New tumors grew rapidly and there were so many questions left unanswered.  Jonathan stood by my side with his head held high confident we could fight this.  That day he put on the face of a fearless warrior ready to battle anything that would come our way.  I knew then not only was he fighting with me but he was ready to fight for me." -Alicia

"He's the piece of the puzzle that makes Noah and I complete.  The bond both him and Noah share is far beyond what I hoped and prayed for.  His love is unconditional and his heart is so forgiving". -Alicia  

"You also gave me something that I will always cherish and will always look to your for guidance; our son. You allowed me to be part of the most precious being in your life, and allowing me to call him my own. This beautiful boy of ours, will always be cared for, protected and loved." -Jonathan


"I love this boy, I fell in love with him the same day I fell in love with you. I can never thank you enough for that." -Jonathan

 "I’m crying because I didn’t want you to cry by yourself."-Jonathan

"Thank you, Jonathan, for willingly making this trial your own because you and Noah give her all the reason she needs to live."-Alicia's Brother

"Joy is Ali. In her personality, demeanor and orientation to life" -Alicia's Brother

"Without warning life thrust before Ali a trial monumentous in anyone's estimation. A trial of physical and emotional exertion and of character endurance. A trial that has in kind brought to their knees the greatest of history's men. Yet standing here today is a woman who refuses to kneel and definitely has triumphed procession though life EVERYDAY"- Alicia's Brother

"Ali, you are the reason I breathe. You are the reason I was put on this planet, and you’re the reason why I am excited for tomorrow. You are my absolute best friend, and now you are officially my wife. I love you! I am in love with you!" -Jonathan

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