Jameson Family// Redlands, Ca

OH ME, OH MY! This year has gone by so fast! where has the time gone? It's almost December which means Hot coco, snuggle weather, and christmas songs! It is a time for family to get together and enjoy eachothers company.

This Redlands loving, fun, and snuggly/giiggly bunch was such a joy to capture!

Hollye and Kane got married in 2013 after 5 years of dating, had Poppy in 2014, Sutton in 2017. Their family is the type to Sit back, watch some netflix, maybe eat a gallon of ice cream while their at it. Especially Poppy, watching netflix and playing in the sand is one of her favorite things to do. Hollye LOVES to read books, which is probably why she is an Elementary School Librarian. Kane likes flying his drone and Suttons favorite thing is milk. Isn't life so rough as a kid?! haha.

Hollye says"We love our lives but would like to somehow create lives that reflect all of our passions all the while taking our kids on the amazing ride". The Jamesons would love to Travel more, but there is always a learning curve when it comes to traveling with kids.

Rachael Bernstein

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