L.A. Shootout

Model: Nathalie Fust

Fashion and weddings are my passion, the ability to be able to make beautiful images with a wonderful creative team makes me happier than a kid with an ice cream! My visions are never fully fulfilled the way I had originally planned but they tend to turn out better than what I had expected.

Model: Milan St Clair 

Model: Milan St Clair 

All of the models came prepared are willing to do whatever we needed them to do. We spend the whole day at FD Photo Studio in one of their studios as well as on the rooftop which was my personal favorite!

I asked a few of my photographer friends to join me in the fun,  Michael Roth Photography and Jay from Lightzone Photography are both amazing photographers. They helped me learn a lot at this shoot, the way they pose the models, the way their use their lighting is incredible. 

My favorite part about working with models is that I worry less about how to pose them and if things are looking ok, and I can focus on being creative in the most inspiring way. 

This set up was my pride and joy! If I could do this all day I would be happy as a clam, I mean COME ON, how gorgeous are these girls!?

Model: Devin Bair

Model: Devin Bair

Not only were the ladies fabulous, but this guy was amazing! He hasn't been modeling this long, but WHO COULD TELL?! No matter what setting he is in he can mold himself to be the character that he is asked to portray. That is true talent.

Model: Kaylee Greene

This shoot would have not been possible if it weren't for the amazing team that we had. They are worked so hard and I am so proud of what they created!

Makeup: Nicole Oceguera
Hair: Anna Bianca ClarkBri WhittingtonAmber Lynette
Wardrobe: Karen McConnell Deputy
Location: FD Photo Studio

Rachael Bernstein

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